OMG!! Justin Bieber Engaged To Model Hailey Baldwin ??

July 9, 2018

Canadian popular pop singer justin bieber has engaged with Hailey Baldwin. According to reports, 24-year-old Justin was dating model Hailey Baldwin in 2016. After being together for some time, they were seperate. After this, they were seen together last month, and now the breaking news of patches of this couple started coming. It was said that justin bieber and Hailey Baldwin have come together again. the news of this relationship was confirmed.

During the Bahamas trip on 7July, the two got engaged. The news of engagement is on the rise, but the managers of these stars refused to comment on this. Neither is anyone refusing this news or anyone is confirming it.

However, due to the news of a social media post of Justin Bieber’s parents, the spark of news of engagement arose.


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