After Salman’s Blackbuck Case, Now Saif Ali Khan Gets Involved In A Wild Boar Hunting Case

June 11, 2018

Bollywood popular actor Saif Ali Khan is not taking the name of the problem. Saif Ali khan was acquitted of black deer hunting case now that he is now caught in the case of wild boar. After the issuance of the notice from Interpol, the Mumbai Crime Branch has recorded the statement of Saif Ali Khan.

According to reports, the Bulgarian government recently asked Interpol to take Saif ali khan’s statement in a wild boar hunting case. Saif’s statement has been recorded as a witness.

Explain that bulgarian police has arrested the agent, who had hunted wild boar for Saif. The license and permit required for hunting were not taken. The Bulgarian police is investigating this matter and Saif has been made a witness in this case.


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