Worship Lord Shiva With These 6 Grains To Fulfil Wishes

August 2, 2016

6 grains For Worshiping Shiva

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Believers and followers of Hinduism, observe fifth month of the solar year as ‘Shravan’, a holy month dedicated to spiritual practices and religious offerings to Lord Shiva.

It is advised to worship Lord Shiva or Shivlinga with cold Milk, Bilva leaves, Bhang, Dhatura and Panchamrit. But, did you know that Shiv Purana and Vedas also mention the importance of offering ‘grains’ to Shivlinga? Offering these six different grains on Shivlinga, especially during Shravan Mass, brings respite from many problems in life.

Each of these ‘grains’ are believed to be holding significant importance in Vedas. Ancient sages have explained why Lord Shiva had inclination to everything that was born raw on Mother Earth. Let’s explore which grains hold such sacred importance…


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