Rain-Coat Shopping: Here Are Some Tips

July 7, 2018

Apart from ensuring that your house is protected during this season, you must also protect yourself from the rains when stepping out of your house. While there are tons of umbrellas which are available in the market during this time of the year, they normally do not provide as much protection from rainwater as that of a raincoat. If you are planning to buy a raincoat, here are a few things that you must keep in mind .

The raincoat should not be too tight: Always opt for raincoats that are not too tight for your body. Apart from being uncomfortable, they will also restrict the blood flow in your body, which is dangerous.

Choose breathable raincoats: When buying a raincoat, opt for one that will prevent sweat and won’t cause an odour. Thus, choose a fabric that won’t take days to dry out.

Check for durability: It is always advisable to choose a rainwear that will last for a long duration of time. There are many kinds of rainwear that promise durability, but just after one rain or two wear out easily.

Colours and fabric:

It may seem strange but colours also play an important role when choosing a raincoat. It is recommended to choose bright colours like yellow, blue, red etc. These colours are usually recommended to wear during the night, so that you can stand out. Fabrics in raincoats are also important because of their durability. Choose from fabrics such as Tyvek, coated nylons and Gore-Tex.


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