KKR vs RCB LIVE SCORE IPL 2016: KKR Set 184-Run Target for RCB

May 16, 2016
KKR vs RCB LIVE SCORE IPL 2016: KKR Set 184-Run Target for RCB

Overs 20: Big over to end the innings. 12 runs off it. Kolkata Knight Riders have posted 183/5.

Overs 19: Good battle between KKR batsmen Russell and Shakib and RCB bowler Jordan. Some good balls and a smashing hit for SIX is the result. Kolkata Knight Riders 171/5.

Overs 18: Expensive over by Watson. Russell and Shakib hit a SIX each to collect 16 runs from the over. Kolkata Knight Riders 161/5.

Overs 17.6: DROPPED! Sreenath Aravind spilled a straight forward catch at third man. Shakib gets life. Watson unhappy.

Overs 17: Fine over by Chahal. 8 runs off it despite a FOUR. Kolkata Knight Riders 145/5.

Overs 16.5: Virat is injured and he has gone out of the field to receive treatment on his hand.

Overs 16: Aravind thrashed for 13 runs after he took a wicket on the second ball. Russell hit a SIX and Shakib provided a FOUR. Kolkata Knight Riders 137/5.

Overs 15.2: OUT! What’s happening here. Now Suryakumar Yadav is walking back to KKR’s dug out.

Overs 15: Successful over by Chahal. Just 4 runs and he dismissed Pathan. Kolkata Knight Riders 124/4.

Overs 14.1: OUT! Big blow to KKR. Pathan walking back. Chahal is happy and jumping with joy. Smart stumping by KL Rahul. Yusuf Pathan st †Rahul b Chahal 6 (12b 0x4 0x6).

Overs 14: Expensive but successful over by Aravind. 11 off it but got the wicket of Pandey. Kolkata Knight Riders 118/3.

Overs 13.4: OUT! Manish Pandey looked to make room on off-side. Aravind checked his line bowled full on his pads. Pandey looked to whip it over long-on but didn’t find enough elevation and power. AB takes an easy catch.

Overs 13.2: FIFTY up for Pandey in 34 balls.

Overs 13: Fine over by Abdulla. Main focus is not to concede boundaries. 7 runs off it. Kolkata Knight Riders 107/2.

Overs 12: Excellent front foot-pull by Pandey. It went flat over mid-wicket boundary for SIX. 9 runs off Watson’s over. Kolkata Knight Riders 100/2.

Overs 11: Good over for RCB. Their fielding has provided them an important wicket. Just 4 runs off Abdulla’s over. Kolkata Knight Riders 91/2.

Overs 10.3: OUT! Confusion, confusion. Gambhir has to go back. Pandey was too eager to take a run. This time there was no run. There was a similar confusion earlier as well.

Overs 10: Nice over by Jordan. Kept it tight, allowed no boundary, no easy runs. 5 runs off it. Kolkata Knight Riders 87/1.

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