Top 4 Shocking Sex Scandals Of Popular Cricketers

May 15, 2018

 Shane Warne

He has been a disputable player in the cricket. From bombing in tranquilize test to utilizing the profane dialect he had a considerable measure of contentions. He bothered British medical attendant Donna Wright, got insidious with 25-year old models, messed around with a Melbourne stripper, had extramarital illicit relationships, kissed his better half Elizabeth Hurley transparently in the stadium amid IPL 2011.

Kevin Pietersen

He stood out as truly newsworthy when he was discovered ‘associating’ with three British ladies in his Sri Lankan inn room amid the ICC World T20 2012. Amid World Cup 2015, a woman staff blamed him for glimmering his private parts.

Chris Gayle

Kevin had an unsanctioned romance with Playboy demonstrate and Big Brother ‘excellence’ and individual South African Vanessa Nimmo. Pietersen had dumped Nimmo by SMS following a stormy, one-month issue. The abandoned Nimmo at that point said that, “Kevin was frantic for sex and kept hassle ing me throughout the day, I absolutely wasn’t hit for six by his execution. “Kevin Cheatersen,” the garbage raking newspaper chuckled.”

Shahid Afridi

In Singapore in 2000, Shahid Afridi, Atiq-uz-Zaman and Hasan Raza were found engaging a gathering of young women in their Karachi inn rooms. The players were fined and prohibited for 1 year.


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