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  • Check Out: Long Lasting Make Up Tips For Monsoon

    Rains are always fun and relief. But, women face some bigger problems during rains. And that is of smudged makeup because of humidity. Here are some useful tips to keep your make-up up to date! Rub an ice cube on your face before applying makeup for a cooling effect. Use a primer to keep face ..

  • Most Important Tips For Rocking Your First Date

    Getting intimate for the first time always makes you feel nervous. All that feeling of how will it go, will your partner like it or not, what can you do to make it special etc. etc. Losing your virginity is such a special moment, so instead of letting the first time jitters overpowering you, bot..

  • Protect Yourself From Acne In Simple Steps

    Use salycylic face wash and anti-acne masks to stay from acne in summer. * Keep your face clean. Remove your make properly. You can use a salycylic face wash. * Rinse your face once you get home after spending the day outside. * Do not scrub. Over washing and scrubbing can cause skin irri..

  • Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle In Winter

    The onset of winters can prove to be a health hazard if you are not following a nutritious diet, and a balanced lifestyle. So make sure you are getting right nutrition this chilly season. Noorul Ameen, Naturopathy Physician at Organic India, lists down some tips to stay fit and enjoy the chilly s..

  • Follow These Simple Steps To Click Perfect Selfie with Your Cellphone

    Learning How To Pose For A Selfie Learning how to pose for a selfie will make a much bigger difference in..

  • Men Too Use Home Remedies For Fairer Skin

    Who says only women make use of home remedies for various skin-related issues? Men do it too, reveals a survey. The survey, by Bigstylist.com -- an online platform for beauty and grooming services, saw participation from 504 men aged between 25 to 50. As many as 36 per cent of them -- especially ..

  • Sonali Nikam Takes Tips From Her Beautician For TV Show

    Actress Sonali Nikam, who will be seen managing a beauty parlour in the TV show "Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi", is taking tips from her beautician. "Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi" tells the story of a girl named Suman living with her two mothers-in-law. "When I get a role that has a challenging task to do, I make su..

  • Glam Up Party Look With Easy Hair-Do, Make-Up Tips

    For Make-up The New Years Eve approaching, make-up faux pas should only belong to the past. Keeping a check on a few beauty and ha..

  • Do U Want Impress Your Girlfriend Follow These 5 Ways
    Love Tips


  • Easy Tips To Pick Dips For Snacks

    Pairing food with different dips can be very confusing, focus on the taste and ingredients of the dip while deciding the accompaniments, says an expert. Naresh Guglani, Corporate Chef at Del Monte, lists some simple tips to get it right. * Tandoori mayo bliss: What can be tastier than a tandoo..