Samsung To Open World’s Largest Mobile Factory In Noida, Manufacture 120 Million Phones A Year

July 9, 2018

Samsung is going to open in the world’s largest mobile factory in Noida. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korea PM will inaugurate this factory in Sector 81 on Monday. With this, Noida’s name will be the top of the map of cities making mobile. The countries of China and America will be far behind. Seven thousand people will get employment from the 35-acre Samsung factory.
Samsung’s new factory is close to its plant in 1997. In June last year, the company had announced an investment of Rs 4,115 crore. This will double the production of the company. Samsung is currently making 6.70 million phones in India and the production capacity of the new plant will increase to 12 million phones annually.
In India, Samsung’s two plants are Noida and Tamil Nadu. Apart from these, Noida has a design center and five research and development centers. About 70 thousand people work in this. There are also 1.5 million retail shops in the company.
Samsung started manufacturing Noida Plans in 1996. In 2003, the production of refrigerators started. The company started making mobile in 2007. In the next five years the company became the country’s number one mobile company .


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