10 World’s Most Unique Musical Instruments

May 29, 2018

We all love to listen music. It must be smooth, wild, symphonic and others. And this music comes from different musical instruments.

But there are some different musical instruments which are not use by everyone and the sounds are generating from them also different. Here is the list of most weird musical instrument which are ever created.

12 Neck Guitar

This 12 Neck Guitar is cool and very different from normal Guitars. It creates more beautiful sound. It was played by Jimmy Page on his stage performance.


The bikelophone was built in 1995 as a project in sound exploration. Using a bicycle frame as its base, the instrument uses a loop-based recording system to make fully layered sounds.

After that it is equipped with bass strings, scrap wood, and metal telephone bells, among other things. The sound it produces can’t really be compared to anything else as it produces a wide variety of sounds from harmonious melodies to science-fiction program intros.

Cat Piano

Well, this is not real but the detail of this musical instrument is given in a book, that we hope no one will try.

Because to create this piano we need cats. AS per the book the tails of the cats would be stretched out between them and a keyboard set with nails.

When a key was played, the nail would gruesomely come down on one of the cats which would then provide the appropriate sound. This sounds so terrible.


The chrysalis is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments. It was built on the design of a massive, round, stone Aztec calendar, the instrument’s wheel spins in a circle with strings for spokes and sounds like a beautifully-tunes.


The hydraulophone is a new-age instrument which is created by Steve Mann to emphasize the importance of water and it is specially for the people with reduced vision.

It is basically a massive water organ and is played by the artist plugging the tiny holes where water is slowly flowing out of, hydraulically it will create a traditional organ-like sound.

Janko Keyboard

The Janko keyboard looks like a long, error-ridden checkerboard. It was designed by Paul von Jankó, this alternative piano key layout makes it possible for pianists to play pieces, otherwise it will be impossible on a standard keyboard.

It looks harder to play, because it makes the same number of sounds as a traditional keyboard and is easier to learn.

It changes octaves and only requires the player to shift the hands up or down rather than having to learn new fingerings.


The theremin is one of the earliest electronic instruments created, patented in 1928 by its name. Two metal antennas detect the position of the performer’s hands to vary frequency and volume which are both converted from electrical signals into sounds.


The uncello is the combination of wood, pegs, strings, and a remarkably unconventional resonator. There are traditional cello body which resonates sound, it uses a fish bowl to produce sounds played by a bow on the strings.

Vegetable Orchestra

Almost 20 years ago a group of friends experiment in music and create the Vegetable Orchestra in Vienna. The city has most strangest grouping of musical instruments in the world.

The group makes their instruments before every performance – entirely out of vegetables like carrots, eggplant, and leeks and create very beautiful sounds.



The yaybahar is one of the most weird instruments that come out from the Middle East centuries. The instrument strings connected to coiled springs which plug into the center of frame drums.

When the strings are played, the vibrations echo in the room just like the echo in a cave or metal sphere, creating a weird sound.


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