A Month To Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Wedding And Now She Is Pregnant With Twins..!!

June 7, 2018

Hollywood actress Megan Merkel is going to be a new member in the British Royal house . A few days ago she had an engagement with Prince Harry. After this, various news about Megan Merkal also started to come. Consensus is being made on social media to be their pregnant.

A photo of Prince Harry and Megan Merkel is being shared on social media. These photos belong to the official announcing of Prince Harry and Merkel’s Engagement. In this photo Merkel has put a white coat on the dress, which is long for his knee. There are speculations that Merkel has tried to hide his baby bump from the coat. Just after this, the questions started spreading on the social media – is she pregnant?

Some users on Twitter are sharing this photo of Harry and Merkel and commenting on it. A user wrote- ‘Do such a stomach show Merkel’s stomach or Merkel is pregnant.’


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