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  • 7 Amazing Tips To Get Flawless Skin This Summer

    When it comes to skincare, it’s often simple measures that provide the best results. A good cleanser, a moisturizer and an effective sunscreen are the three most vital skincare essentials that any beauty kit must have. Instead of dabbing moisturizer on your face, massage it on your skin in a..

  • Check Out: Long Lasting Make Up Tips For Monsoon

    Rains are always fun and relief. But, women face some bigger problems during rains. And that is of smudged makeup because of humidity. Here are some useful tips to keep your make-up up to date! Rub an ice cube on your face before applying makeup for a cooling effect. Use a primer to keep face ..

  • I Love Make-Up: Bhumi Pednekar

    Actress Bhumi Pednekar says she loves wearing make-up. "I love make-up. I am a make-up hoarder, in fact... From a very young age, I started doing my own make-up," Bhumi, who was here to launch the skin and health care brand Divine Organics, told IANS over phone. However, she also believes in..

  • Great Make-Up Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune: Gigi Hadid

    Model Gigi Hadid believes great make-up does not have to be expensive. It is this ideology that she wanted to incorporate in her collection. Hadid joined the team of Maybelline New York for a limited edition line, the Gigi Hadid x Maybelline New York collection, which consists of her favourite ma..

  • Make-Up Tricks To Keep You Winter Ready

    Winter is approaching and with this comes the task to make your skin look flawless even in thechilly season. The right make-up trick like opting for creamy blushers and choosing matte lipsticks can do the trick, say experts. Vandana Luthra, founder of VLCC Group doles out make-up tips which would..

  • Olivia Culpo Looks ‘Scary’ With Too Much Make-Up

    Model Olivia Culpo says she prefers to wear less cosmetic products on her face because she thinks she looks frightening when she goes overboard with them. "I would rather have too little make-up on than too much because I think I look a little scary with too much on," Culpo told usmagazine.com. ..

  • Blake Lively Was Sexually Harassed By Make-Up Artist

    Actress Blake Lively has revealed she became a victim of sexual misconduct at the hands of a make-up artist. "He was saying things inappropriately, insisting on putting my lipstick on with his finger," Lively told latimes.com. "I was sleeping one night on location and I woke up and he was fil..

  • Monica Dogra Feels Showbiz Makes Her Vulnerable

    Singer-actress Monica Dogra believes showbiz can leave people feeling vulnerable. She let go of the make-up and filters to put out a post on Instagram featuring a selfie of her 'real' self. A popular face of the indie music scene in India, Monica posted on Thursday: "For those who work in show..

  • Look Your Best During Dandiya Nights With Perfect Make-Up

    Want to look your best during the time of festivities? Opt for HD (high definition) make-up products, emerald green eyeshadow and soft coral lip shades, suggest experts. Make-up experts Gunjan Gaur from ALPS Beauty Clinics and Aashmeen Munjal have listed make-up tips: * Base: After the applica..

  • Nicole Richie Lets Daughter Experiment With Make-Up

    Fashion designer Nicole Richie says her nine-year-old daughter Harlow is becoming very interested in beauty and make-up and loves to change the colour of her hair. The 35-year-old fashion designer's first born with her rocker husband Joel Madden enjoys changing up the shade of her hair and Richie..