Milad Mohammadi Biography, Real Name, Age, Height and Weight

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Milad Mohammadi Biography, Check out the full Milad Mohammadi Biography, Real Name, Age, Height and Weight right here. Milad Mohammadi is an Iranian Footballer born on September 29, 1993.

Milad Mohammadi Biography

Milad Mohammadi the Footballer biography is sought-after by fans. Here is this Milad Mohammadi biography and a number of other details. Milad Mohammadi’s birthday was the 29th of September 1993. Milad Mohammadi has gained more popular, which is why there are many who seek out his biography. Yes, check out Milad Mohammadi biography below.

We’ll start by discussing Milad Mohammadi Age according to Wikilogy. Milad Mohammadi is 29 years old. older. According to wikilogy, Milad Mohammadi stands 1.78 m. Take a look at the full Milad Mohammadi biography from the table below.

Date of Birth29 September 1993
Age29 years old
BirthplaceTakestan County, Iran
Height1.78 m

Milad Mohammadi Real Name

The majority of people may not be aware of Milad Mohammadi’s real name So, check through this section to learn the Milad Mohammadi real name. The truth is, Milad Mohammadi doesnt have any other name.

Milad Mohammadi Age

Milad Mohammadi was born on 29 September 1993. According to the Milad Mohammadi Biography table Milad Mohammadi is 29 years old. Milad Mohammadi was born in Takestan County, Iran.

Milad Mohammadi Height and Weight

For those who aren’t sure the height Milad Mohammadi is can check this section. As per wikilogy, Milad Mohammadi stands 1.78.

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Milad Mohammadi Net Worth

Milad Mohammadi has been so famous and famous and. If you’re among those looking for Milad Mohammadi’s Net Worth Here is the data. According to wikilogy, Milad Mohammadi net worth is estimated at $250K to $5000.

Milad Mohammadi Girlfriend/Wife

Is the footballer Milad Mohammadi married or who is his girlfriend? His fans are interested in knowing about his private life. However, Milad Mohammadi has not revealed anything about his private life. Keep up-to-date with the star’s bio on our website.

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Milad Mohammadi Biography, Real Name, Age, Height and Weight

Milad Mohammadi Biography – FAQ

Who is Milad Mohammadi?  

Milad Mohammadi is an Footballer.

How old is Milad Mohammadi?  

Milad Mohammadi is 29 years old.

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