Best Website Builder for Small Business : Effective website builder for small business

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Best Website Builder for Small Business : Many small-sized business owners will be looking to establish with a website in the near future but knowing how to begin isn’t easy. The good thing is that there’s a wide range of web builders which make the process easy, but the downside is that there are plenty of them available which makes it difficult to determine what you require.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : We’ve put together this list. We’ve tried all of the most popular web builders, aswell in lesser-known ones, and selected the top ones that work well for small business owners. We’ve looked at the various uses of the various options (note the fact that we’ve tested various free website builders, but didn’t include them in this list, since they’re limited).

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To find the best web-based builder that small businesses can use We created our own site. We first assessed the process of onboarding and the ease of pricing plans before moving into how simple it was to build an easy, attractive website that includes the features small business owners require like Contact forms, tools for SEO, and online stores.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Wix stood out as the best during our testing, since it offers a fantastic mix of quality and user-friendliness. Squarespace is a close second and is the one we would recommend to creative companies because it offers a larger selection of more visually appealing templates as compared to Wix. Read on for our complete list of options, and if need more specific options look at our top websites for photographers as well as the top website builders for artists ‘ guides.

01. Wix

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Wix is able to balance performance and value well, and combines an user-friendly interface, with lots of options for customisation and low-cost pricing plans. This service is specifically focused on small businesses, too which means that the Wix team has considered all you’ll require.

02. Squarespace

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Squarespace has a stunning aesthetic appeal, thanks to its extensive variety of stunningly designed templates that will bring out the best in your business. It provides a fantastic user experience as well as a wide selection of e-commerce tools that are optional however, it’s important to note that it’s a bit expensive.

03. Shopify

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Shopify is the most popular web-based builder for those looking to create a store. It’s incredibly simple to use and its menus walk users through each step, aiding customers with everything from order processing to marketing and analytics. It comes with 10 no-cost attractive templates, with additional options If you’re willing to pay for the templates.

04. GoDaddy

Best Website Builder for Small Business : While it’s a bit basic, GoDaddy offers one of the easiest ways of being online. There are a lot of excellent analytical and eCommerce tools available and the interface is very simple. If you’re not worried about basic results This is a good option.

05. Weebly

Best Website Builder for Small Business : If your goal is to sell without spending a lot of money to run your store, Weebly offers everything you require without the additional tools that are available that are on this list. It’s a bit difficult to use and comes with the most limited templates however it’s an amazing app that also offers members-only pages for higher subscriptions.

06. IONOS MyWebsite

Best Website Builder for Small Business : It’s a reliable and reliable web builder and comes with a domain for free and a professional email address as well with over 400 templates to pick from. It’s expensive however, it offers a superior service, with excellent customer support via phone and email.

Best Website Builder for Small Business

01. Wix

Best Website Builder for Small Business : The most effective website builder for small businesses in general

Wix offers excellent value for money and excellent service. That’s why it’s one of our top choices as the top website builder for small-sized businesses in general.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : In our tests, we found the Wix interface to be easy to use. You can also add your own images and text to these using the drag-and-drop method, something that nearly anyone who’s experienced working with computers can do. If we ever ran into issues we could find Help buttons all over the page.

It’s cheap, simple to use and designed for a small business target market. There are over 800 business templates you can choose from, covering nearly all kinds of businesses you could imagine including law and finance to gardening and farming.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : A “Free forever” option offers you 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth which is a bit limitless. Plus Wix ads will appear on every page of your site, and your URL will be If you’re looking for an ‘e-calling card’ web page with your company’s contact details and other information but don’t require an internet-based store you might be content with this.

In addition, the paid-for plans are extremely affordable priced, which makes Wix the most effective website builder available for small-sized businesses in general. For more details, read our Wix review and our comparative of Squarespace against Wix.

02. Squarespace

The most effective website builder for business owners who are creative.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : If you own a creative company like photography studios, the design and style of your site is pretty the perfect way to advertise. Therefore, you’ll want one of the top small-scale business websites with beautiful templates. Squarespace is the most stylishly created of them all.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Expertly designed by professional designers, and featuring crisp lines and plenty of space for white, these designs will make your site make a mark in the market. It is also possible to customize the template as you want.

As we looked over Squarespace the platform, we noticed that its drag-and-drop interface to be a bit more difficult to use than Wix’s and Weebly’s. It doesn’t require knowledge of coding or web design however, you just need some time spent exploring the system. We loved the pop-ups that appear whenever you place your cursor to guide you through the different components that make up the user interface.

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Best Website Builder for Small Business : The cost of Squarespace is higher than other platforms. If you’re interested in having your company to appear professional online, it’s an expense worth the cost. Squarespace also has a wide selection of tools for e-commerce when you’re looking to set your online store, or integrate it with ShipStation in order to print shipping label, or even set up shops on Instagram posts. There are excellent analysis tools and email marketing tools as well.

For more details, read the Squarespace review and our comparison of Squarespace against Wix.

03. Shopify

The best web-based builder to create websites for e-commerce

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Shopify is a great option for those who want to sell their products on their website. It’s extremely simple to use and perfect for those who are new to. As we tried it, we found it to be extremely simple to install and to use. It has a lot of features, for instance, the ability to manage orders and products as well as tax and shipping features integrated, and there’s marketing tools that can start email or social campaigns, as an example that could eliminate the requirement for an additional email or social media tool (although the features for email aren’t as advanced as those of MailChimp).

Best Website Builder for Small Business : There’s also an excellent analytics tab that can help you keep track of what you’re doing. There’s also a range of add-on applications that allow you to access additional features. However, they can be confusing in comparison to Weebly. Templates aren’t as flexible as those of Squarespace There are only 10 templates available, however there are more choices if you’re willing to pay. One disadvantage to take into consideration is that unless make use of Shopify transactions, you’ll be required to pay transaction charges making use of a third party payment processor. Based on how attached to your payment provider this could be a problem.

In the end, as we mentioned during the Shopify analysis, if e-commerce is the primary goal of your site and you want to sell products, then Shopify is an excellent and simple option.

04. GoDaddy

The most simple website builder tool for small businesses to be online quick

Best Website Builder for Small Business : If speed is your top priority and you’re looking for the fastest simple way to be online quickly and efficiently, then you should consider using the GoDaddy site builder software is a great choice. It’s a bit basic, but it makes it easy and easy to use. Additionally, there’s a variety of basic tools for eCommerce and a comprehensive analytics portal.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : While reviewing the platform We found the interface of GoDaddy to be easy and user-friendly We particularly appreciated the capability to preview different combinations of fonts by clicking of the button. However however, we found the templates to be a bit basic. There’s no space for customization and if you’re looking for an individual look for your website that matches your brand, you might prefer a different option. However, you are able to change the template anytime and this can provide the flexibility needed should you decide in the future that you’d like to change the design of your website.

The trial period is 30 days and pricing starts at $9.99/PS6.99 for a month. The Standard plan is suitable for a lot of businesses that are just starting out However, if you’re looking to sell your products online it’s best to get an Ecommerce plan, which will cost more. For more details, see our GoDaddy review.

05. Weebly

The most effective website builder for small companies with online stores

Best Website Builder for Small Business : If you’re not only looking to advertise your business on the internet but also actively sell on your website and other online platforms, then according to our opinion, Weebly offers the best price. Its Pro plan comes with great E-commerce tools at a price cost that’s unbeatable in other places.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : When we tested it, we noticed that its interface was somewhat more difficult to navigate as compared to Shopify’s and Wix’s interfaces but it’s a little more user-friendly than Squarespace’s. It also doesn’t have more templates than Wix however, its template designs don’t look as stunning as those of Squarespace. We did find that Weebly can beat both of these competitors in different ways.

First of all, its mobile application is a great choice, and it even works if you’re not connected. Additionally, it lets you create private pages for both the Performance and Professional Plans. (That may be helpful for businesses that have an exclusive club or membership scheme.)

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Then, there’s The Weebly App Center, which offers hundreds of applications, that cover communications, marketing and ecommerce, as well as social media along with other site functions and tools. Some of them are priced while others are completely free. The basic interface is only able to create a basic site You can also use these applications to modify it to make it more specific to your company however it can be difficult to navigate these various apps. In addition, Weebly offers free stock images for you to put for your site.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : There’s also an online shopping cart, as well as the ability to accept payment via Square as well as other companies. You can also get advanced statistics on your site. Also specifically for US customers, there’s phone support, live chat as along with email support. In essence, if you’re looking to sell products on your website but don’t have the budget for Shopify we believe Weebly is the best option. For more details, see our Weebly review.

06. 1&1 IONOS MyWebsite Now

Experienced webmaster with focused on business

Best Website Builder for Small Business : 1&1 is an established name of webhosting (see the 1&1 IONOS Review) with a particular concentration on small-scale companies across the globe. The web builder it offers, MyWebsite Now, is also reliable and solid.

All packages come with a free domain and a professional email address. Based on our experience, we’ve discovered the interface to be very easy to use, with a variety of options that are cleverly hidden within popup boxes that help to reduce clutter. You can pick from over 400 templates that can be sorted for keywords or topics. It is also possible to integrate an online store, with all important shipping and payment options.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Overall, it’s an extremely small-business-friendly product. It’s higher priced than the other services listed on this best website builders for small-sized businesses However, you can receive 24/7 phone and email support. Reviews have written on Trust Pilot say offers a rapid response (although you won’t have a live chat feature – which isn’t necessarily a negative thing from our test!). There’s no trial period but there’s the 30-day guarantee for money back.

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07. Strikingly

The best small-business web-based site builder to create a single-page website

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Strikingly is a good choice for those who want to build one-page websites that is a good option if you’re only starting an online business that is small in size. It provides a very user-friendly easy-to-use editor as well as site design tools that are specifically designed for one-pages and landing pages in the back of your head.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : There are simple online stores and blog module that can be added for eCommerce and blogging functions. You’re restricted to a selection of just 29 templates but that’s still enough to keep things simple and clean.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : There’s a no-cost plan if you wish to begin with an domain, however paid plans are priced at reasonable rates. You’re only able to sell 5 products on the standard Limited plan, however. The limit goes up with Plans Pro or VIP, which include more features and lower fees for transactions (to zero for The VIP Plan).

08. Gator

The best web-based builder for small-sized businesses that require a simple site

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Maybe you’re not interested in the internet, and don’t think about whether your site looks gorgeous? If you’re looking to build a simple website easily and quickly, we suggest Gator.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Hostgator isn’t only a provider of one of the most reliable web hosting services, it also comes with its own drag-and drop website builder with the name of Gator. In our evaluation we found it to be a reliable, but basic service that can provide everything that a small-sized business requires with the ability to protect your pages with passwords as well as the capability to build a store online.

However, we were disappointed in the fact that we were unable to customize the online shop we run. We also noticed it was that SEO tools weren’t very effective The templates were somewhat similar and there weren’t any tools to market your email or scheduling tools, and you aren’t able to plan blog posts and let users leave comments on the blog posts.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : If none of this bothers you, then it’s a great option. Particularly since there’s 24/7 live chat as well as phone and email support available to assist you should you need help. For more details, check out the Gator review.

09. Bluehost

The most effective website builder available for WordPress users

Best Website Builder for Small Business : The web builder options we’ve reviewed in the past are simple to use, but they’re not very customizable. If you’re looking to create an online presence that is more customized of your business’s creativity it’s worth taking a look into the web builder offered by Bluehost which is one of our top web hosting providers. There’s no trial version for free or trial for free, however Bluehost’s prices are affordable.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Bluehost is a part of WordPress and offers many options to add elegance to your website making use of any of the hundreds of WordPress plugins that are available. We reviewed the Bluehost platform and we found it simple to use, certainly much easier than creating the WordPress website completely from scratch. We were also impressed by the availability of 24 hour customer support and also some fantastic analytics and email marketing tools.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : The only thing that was a black mark against it was the speed at which pages load. Our tests showed that the page we built using Bluehost took an average of 2.63 second to open, whereas the simplest WordPress site built with DreamHost was able to load in 139 milliseconds. This could be improved through taking advantage of the options available to set the content delivery network as well as other optimizations however it’s a bit of mess.

Overall, however bluehost’s Website Builder is an excellent website builder to create a website that is based on WordPress. For more information, check out the Bluehost Web Builder review.


Best Website Builder for Small Business : With all the web builders on the market picking the best one may feel like walking through a maze of tech. Begin by asking yourself a few fundamental questions. What is the primary purpose of your website? Showcasing your portfolio? Selling products? Scheduling appointments? If you know what you’re looking for The path ahead will become clearer.

Consider the importance of a website for your company in general. If it’s just a simple calling card website that you’re seeking that allows people to connect with you on the internet and reach your company, then you don’t require anything too complicated and you’ll be able to pick the most straightforward choices.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : It is also worth thinking about whether you’ll need advanced features for example, contact forms the integration of email into marketing, SEO instruments or even an online store. We’ve provided information on the features that will be available on our guides and reviews. Keep in mind that having more features doesn’t necessarily mean better. Choose features specifically designed to meet the requirements of small businesses. If you’d like to be found by Google for instance SEO tools could be the best choice for you. Also, should you wish to sell products on your site it will require a site builder that includes an online store.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Additionally, a lot of website builders give trial versions for free or at no cost and sometimes, money-back guarantee. Don’t be afraid to give them test drives! Explore the interface, play around with the features, and check whether it is easy to use and intuitive. The hands-on experience can assist you in identifying the right platform that is a good fit for your business and you.


Best Website Builder for Small Business : To determine the simplest and best website builders available for small-scale entrepreneurs we sign up like every small business owner would do, taking a look at the onboarding process as well as pricing plans, as well as assessing whether they’re clear and reasonable.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : We will then evaluate how easy these tools make it easy to design websites. Are the templates attractive and are they customizable? We take you through the steps of creating websites from beginning until the end of time, paying close attention to the editor’s versatility and ease of use as well as the mobile-responsiveness of the site after it’s completed.

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Best Website Builder for Small Business : We also test the most important features such as contact forms, blogging SEO tools, E-commerce capabilities and determine if they’re user-friendly and efficient enough for business owners of all sizes. A friendly and effective support system is essential, and we test knowledge base and live chat and phone alternatives. We seek help and observe how quickly we receive it, and if it can solve our issue. Beyond what the system is, we evaluate the marketing tools as well as integrations with third party services as well as overall scalability for future expansion.

Best Website Builder for Small Business
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FAQS -Best Website Builder for Small Business

Do I need to have web presence?

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Today, nearly every business requires a digital presence, which includes physical ones, since growing numbers of customers are making purchases on the internet. If you don’t have a presence on the internet and you’re not maximizing chances for potential customers to locate your services or products.

A lot of small-scale creative companies opt for the simple and fast option of using platforms like social media (see our guide on selling via Instagram). It’s better than nothing, however it could mean that you’re being left out of a large number of potential customers. You also restrict your capacity to be capable of selling online and take payment. Even you’re using Instagram to reach the full benefit of it you’ll need a site to allow you to easily integrate products into the Instagram shop.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : If you own the website of your choice, you will be able to take control of everything more precisely. You can also be listed in Google results, launch ads and provide customers with an unique URL, which allows customers to find you on the internet. In addition it appears much more professional, and can help clients feel confident about trusting the business for their cash.

Do I have to hire an online designer?

Best Website Builder for Small Business : It was the time the creation of websites for any company you had to learn how to code or get an internet designer. The former could take a lot of time, and the latter could cost you a significant amount of dollars. Fortunately, nowadays there’s an alternative by using a web builders that’s what we’ve discussed in the previous paragraph.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Web builders cost only the equivalent of a couple of dollars a month, yet they provide an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to create as well as maintain a site. All you have to do is select the template and after which you can drag and drop your own text, images and videos. In most cases, you’ll get hosting and a domain for your site included as part of the package.

If you don’t wish to manage your website in any way you might need to engage a web designer to assist you with the design, or to work with an expert web designer to help establish your site and then show the basics of managing your website on your own. It all depends on how involved you’d like to receive and also what you can afford to spend.

What should a small-business website look like?

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Every business is unique in this regard, so the details a small business’s website should have will differ from one company to the next. However, in general it is essential to have an online home page that describes the business’s mission and what you can provide. Visitors should also be able to find to see an “About us page, which explains the business in greater specific detail, and a Contact us page that informs users how to contact us. This page should contain an address, a phone number, and email address, and hyperlinks to any social media accounts.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Other pages you may want to include are pages listing your products and/or services, an online shop, an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, a page of testimonials/reviews, a page linking through to press stories about your company, and a blog or ‘latest news’ page. It’s best to only include the page if you’re planning to maintain it however, otherwise it’ll make your website appear unprofessional and outdated.

What’s the best web-based builder for small-sized businesses?

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Overall, we’ve selected Wix as the best site builder for small-sized businesses due to the fact that it’s cheap, easy to operate, and clearly geared on small-scale business needs. The interface for building websites is simple and easy for those who aren’t tech-savvy. There are over 500 business templates to pick from, covering nearly every type of business that you could imagine from law and finance to gardening and farming. However, if you are looking to have an online store for your website You may prefer Weebly because the pricing is than competitive in this particular area.

What is the most effective website builder for your creative company?

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Cost and user-friendliness isn’t the only thing to consider. If you’re a creative companies, like an online design shop, photography studio or illustration studio, you’ll be evaluated by the design of your site. This is why you may want to invest some extra money to get more appealing templates (see our list of the top websites builder tools for photographers for more).

Best Website Builder for Small Business : Our top choice as the most effective website builder for companies that are innovative is Squarespace It is a top choice, with stunning templates. These templates have been designed by top designers and are incredibly compatible with various gadgets like laptops as well as desktop computers, phones and tablets. In addition, the interface of Squarespace is fairly simple to use, offers excellent SEO features, as well as allows you to set up an online shop at very reasonable costs.

What’s the most popular free website builder software for small businesses?

Best Website Builder for Small Business : A lot of web-based builders offer the option of a forever-free plan but they’re usually extremely limited with regard to storage space and bandwidth, and often include mention the name of the company in the URL, as and ads on the website. But they do provide a cost-free option to put an online site for your business, which means you are able to test things. You can then experiment without spending a dime. If you discover that an online presence helps to earn money, consider switching to a paid subscription that could cost only a few dollars.

Best Website Builder for Small Business : In the present, the best website builder that is free for small businesses is the one offered for free by Wix. Be aware that you’ll only have 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth. This is enough for a basic “calling card’ website, but you won’t be able add many pictures and certainly not video.

Like we said, Wix will insert its own ads on your website’s homepage, and you’ll get an official Wix brand URL. If you’re willing to put up all of this you’ll have the ability to go online for free. There’s lots to be said for it in particular if you would like to have a taste of what it’s like to have your own webs

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