Examine Your Google Play Console (Google Keywords) to see the search terms that drive traffic to your application

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Create your app using Google Play Console and discover ways to connect with more than 2.5 billion people around the world. Test and improve the quality of your application as well as increase your revenue and more.

Find out the keywords and search phrases that bring the majority of store listing visits and sales to your app. Examine your Google Play Console (Google Keywords) to view the search terms driving organic traffic to your app.

The Google Keywords section of Analytics provides a summary of keywords that will bring the most downloads to your application by way of searches.

1. Connect your Google Play Console

Discover what appeals to your target audience. Learn how people find and connect with your store’s page. Learn the ways Google Play Console features can assist you in engaging and retaining your customers. Respond on User Reviews. Analyze App Performance. Play Console KPIs.

The information displayed in this display is directly from Google’s Play Console. Therefore to enable it, you’ll have to connect the Google Console with your AppTweak account. Find the steps for synchronizing your account here.

After your account has been set to sync, you’re all set to begin. Note Note: It may take a few minutes for the information to show up within the Analytics Section.

2. Look up your top-performing keywords

Within the Google Keywords section, you will see the amount of traffic directed to your app through keywords. This means that they are users who were searching for a particular keyword prior to accessing your store’s listing. They represent part of your app’s overall search traffic.

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Google Keywords is divided into 4 sections: Google Keywords section (Google Play Console) is divided into four sections:

  1. The bar that filters the water
  2. Overall KPIs
  3. A History Chart
  4. The Keyword Table

The Filter Bar

This is where you’ll be able to select the data you would like to study:

  • Visitor to Store: The number of users who have visited your store listing that didn’t have the app installed on one of their devices.

    A high percentage of visitors to your Store Listing indicates that a large number of users arrive at your app’s store listings when they search for a specific search term.
  • store listing acquisitions the number of customers who browsed your store listing and then installed your app but did not have the app installed on any other devices at the time.

    A large number of Store Listing Acquisitions indicates that lots of people download your application after searching for a specific keyword.
  • store listing conversion rate The percent of visitors to your store who downloaded your app after looking up keywords. This does not take into account the visits or installs of users who have already installed the app on a different device.

    This metric can help you identify the keywords with the highest conversion rates for your app. These terms are likely to be extremely relevant to your application.

KPIs for the entire organization

AppTweak offers an overview of the total traffic your app got from every search term over the specified time period. It does not depend on the choices you made in the table of keywords.

  • Total Visitors/Acquisitions: The total number of store listing visitors/acquisitions your app received from all search terms over the given date range.
  • Average Daily Visitors/Acquisitions: The average daily number of store listing visitors/acquisitions your app received from all search terms over the given date range.
  • Visitors/Acquisitions Growth: The growth in average daily store listing visitors/acquisitions from all search terms for your app over the given date range vs. the equivalent previous period.
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By using these numbers, you will be able to quickly recognize the significance of your app’s keywords in its overall traffic. If these numbers make up an important portion of your app’s users, this means that lots of people find your app via the use of keywords. This implies that your app has high visibility for users who are searching high volume and related search terms.

If the numbers only represent just a small fraction of the overall traffic your app receives It means that you’re probably losing out on a chance to improve your app’s visibility through terms. It could be worthwhile to find the most relevant keywords for your app, and then beginning to include them in your metadata.

Google Play Console: History Chart

On this graph, you will look back at the history of your store showing visitors, acquisitions or conversion rates (depending on the filter you select on the bar with the filter) by keywords. The table in the following are able to select the keywords you want to display in the graph (we have limited the search up to 10 terms).

This graph will allow you to analyse your top performing keywords more thoroughly. It will let you know the extent of any change or reduction in traffic at any particular time. For instance, if you’ve recently upgraded your application it is advisable to determine whether the changes you made have any effect on the number of users who are influenced from the newly added keywords, or new creatives that you’ve added. Locate the keywords in the table of keywords choose it, and examine if you notice an increase in the number of visitors on the graph.

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If you notice a decrease in traffic for a high-performing search term, you’ll need determine what caused the decline. Does your app’s ranking on the keyword also dropped? Have you modified the creatives and observed a decline in conversion? etc.

Google Play Console: Keyword Table

In the final section in this article, you’ll discover at the end of this section, you will find Keyword Table. The table shows the keywords that have generated the most traffic for your website over the chosen time period. In each of the keywords, across the specified time period, we will show you:

  • the number of visitors to the Store Listing the keywords that were purchased to the app
  • the increase in the growth in Listing visitors (current period as compared to. similar previous period)
  • the quantity of the number of Listing Purchases that the keyword was purchased to be applied
  • the rise in the acquisitions of Store Listings (current period as compared to. similar previous period)
  • the total conversion rate for visitors to acquisitions
  • the increase in conversion rate (current period as compared to. the equivalent of the previous period)

Utilize the sorting arrows in order to quickly determine the top keywords. Be sure that the keywords that have an abundance of traffic in the Shop Listings also possess a high Conversion Rate. If not it could mean that lots of people are viewing your application after having searched for that keyword, but aren’t installing it. If the search term has relevance to your application perhaps it’s a matter of looking over your app’s metadata to increase its credibility to those who search for this term.

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Examine Your Google Play Console (Google Keywords) to see the search terms that drive traffic to your application
Google Play Console | Google Keywords

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