Missing 2023 Showtimes: Missing 2023 Movie Review

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Missing 2023 Showtimes: In the realm of modern-day digital thrillers , “Missing” is definitely a step above all the others. It definitely ranks an inch or two ahead of its predecessor. There are instances where it is close to being targeted due to its blatantly absurd idea, but then it succeeds thanks to its clever narrative and nifty storytelling.


A young girl navigates the web of clues and trails in order to locate her mother who is missing, following her disappearance suddenly. Her search leads to shocking revelations that cause her to think about everything and everyone she is aware of. Missing is a stand-alone sequel to the thriller of 2018 “Searching”.

Missing 2023 Showtimes Movie Review

Today, our lives are controlled by our smartphones and constant connectivity to the internet can mean that we are constantly leaving a digital footprint. The digital footprint we leave along with the info superhighway which is interconnected by a complex web of devices such as cameras, phones, watches and applications is invading and overwhelming. It can be a treasure trove in terms of clues and evidence that can help solve a case and discover the person or thing that is missing. 

Missing 2023 Showtimes: This is exactly what the filmmakers Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick reveal quite extensively in this online thriller that is a captivating experience to watch. They are the driving force behind the story of June (Storm Reid) as a college student who lives her life via the internet. Therefore, when the mother of her child Grace (Nia Lang) disappears, June starts digging into the vast array of online sources at her disposal and putting together the data one click at one at a time.

Missing 2023 Showtimes: It’s an entirely different type of thriller that, despite being somewhat spooky it is extremely relatable because the characters are as vulnerable as we are. We live our lives online and are exposed to apps that monitor every step we make. They monitor all we talk about and record every action we take.

Missing 2023 Showtimes: In June, the makers show that there’s everything you can find on the internet. It’s just a matter of knowing which button to click on and what to do. There are a handful of characters and the focus remains on June’s unwavering dedication to finding her mother solely by using her digital skills. The story is able to engage the reader and keep them interested. with a few shocking and unexpected with some shocking and unexpected.

Missing 2023 Showtimes: Storm Reid is the hero of the movie, since she is able to carry it with ease on her back. She makes June’s constant search for her mother and desire to be her quite believable. Nia Long is perfectly cast as June’s mother, and they manage to reveal the mother-daughter bond very effectively. The other actors are excellent. Filmed mostly in the online and indoors the characters feel authentic and yet you can’t avoid feeling the monotony of the whole thing, as the screenplay builds to an unintentionally dramatic climax. A crisper editing style would have kept the action more tense.

Missing 2023 Showtimes: In the realm of modern-day digital thrillers , ‘Missing’ is definitely a step above other titles. It definitely ranks just a couple of notches better than its predecessor. There are moments that it’s dangerously close to being attacked by its overtly ridiculous idea, but then it is able to connect with its original narrative and clever storytelling.

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Missing 2023 Showtimes: Missing Movie” isn’t really an update in the same vein as ” Searching,” however it is a sequel of what appears to be the burgeoning Searching Cinematic Universe. The film makes a brief mention of the spooky nature of the 2018 smash film in an eerie, first montage. It’s an amalgamation of visuals and sounds that have viewers on edge from beginning.

In contrast “Searching” is about a man who was looking for his daughter within the limits of screens such as laptops, mobile phone, and surveillance video “Missing” shows a child seeking her mother using the same story structure. The idea of catching lightning in bottles twice is virtually impossible, however, and “Missing” isn’t as exciting of its brilliant predecessor. 

Missing 2023 Showtimes: “Searching” could seem like a gimmick however it succeeded because it was relatable to the unsettling concept. In the scene, when John Cho’s character search for clues to the whereabouts of his daughter by examining her online activities, we remind us in the audience that we’d have the same state of mind to take those sensible steps. Cho was phenomenal in his role, which included his face being close-ups for most of the duration. There was no room for hiding and he showed every hint of hope and fear with incredible subtlety.

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Missing 2023 Showtimes: The upcoming film from the duo of writers and directors Nick Johnson and Will Merrick inspired by a novel written by one of the founders of “Searching” team composed of Aneesh Chaganty as well as Sev Ohanian, follows exactly the same stance. It manages to pull off the stunning narrative highwire, but it also includes several twists that are too numerous which eventually take away its realism, which is what keeps you hooked for the duration of. 

Missing 2023 Showtimes: However “Missing” is a lot more thrilling in many ways, since the protagonist that is front and center in the story is an 18-year-old high-school senior who has been interacting with the technology of this type her entire life, as opposed to an elderly father who is trying to figure the technology out as he goes on.

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Missing 2023 Showtimes: Storm Reid’s June is an expert multitasker, a master of his World Wide Web. It’s as if you were being able to watch Lydia Tar conduct the Berlin Philharmonic however, using FaceTime along with Venmo as well as Spotify. Before her widowed mother, Grace (a lovely Nia Long) is off for an Colombian vacation with her newly-wed lover, Kevin ( Ken Leung) We get to know how June is spending her time by watching her switch between tabs and twitch at her keyboard. 

She is often seen leaving on the camera of her computer and gives us a glimpse into her bedroom as well as the way she interacts individuals in person. Reid is a likable interactive and captivating screen presence and quickly establishes that she’s intelligent and smart.

Missing 2023 Showtimes: However, when Grace and Kevin do not show up at LAX according to their schedule – which we can also observe because June has set up her mobile phone to record the moment she meets them at baggage claim her skills and experience online begin to kick in. 

We sense her increasing fear when she tries to get in touch with the front desk attendant at the Cartagena hotel who speaks Spanish. However, because she’s a great problem-solver that she is able to see she’s able to navigate the city from afar using Google maps, and with the assistance of a Taskrabbit-style errand run to hire Javi (Joaquim of Almeida who adds a smile and a sense of humor to this thrilling story).

Missing 2023 Showtimes: With every new password she cracks, the website she explores, and every email she checks, June is able to raise more questions than she can answer with answers, and “Missing” causes us to ask these characters questions again and repeatedly. 

Finding out what’s happening is a lot of fun, but when Grace’s disappearance makes the news of the day, it’s evident that Johnson along with Merrick can speak to the bizarre character of being a victim to the tragedy. One of the ways “Missing” is different into “Searching” is how it has podcasters and TikTokers looking at every single details of the case as they form ill-informed opinions and circulating conspiracy theories to gain themselves and their personal profit. 

It’s both amusing and shocking. The directors make use of Ring security footage that wasn’t so prevalent in the film’s first time out, but it’s a great source of tension. We only see enough to know there’s more that we don’t know about.

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Missing 2023 Showtimes: However, if the hilariously absurd ” M3GAN” was a cautionary tale of the dangers of being too dependent in technology “Missing” is an ode to its potential. It’s also a great reminder that we all should use passwords that do not contain our dogs’ childhood names or children’s birthdays.

Missing 2023 Trailer

Missing 2023 Trailer: First trailer of The Missing premiered on the 16th of November 2023, and was produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The trailer hints at the innovative storytelling and intensity that made the first film so successful. The Searching was an exemplary work of visual storytelling. Fans are expecting a glimpse of this same style in the film Missing. This trailer introduces the new character in the film and we learn that the roles have been reversed.

A child is searching for her parents in contrast to the dynamic of the film’s SearchingStorm Reid‘s character, June, a disobedient and technologically-savvy adolescent is talking to her mother, who is not as tech-savvy, Grace ( Nia Long) via video chat. Grace tells her child the fact that her partner Kevin ( Ken Leung) will be going to Columbia. She does not return. This trailer teases us with the mystery of her disappearance, and also depicts June looking through her laptop to find clues while searching for her missing mother.

Is Missing Available To Stream Online?

Today on May 20 20, 2023 Missing will be available for streaming on Netflix. In a deal reached by Sony Pictures and Netflix back in April 2021 the streaming service is now granted the right to stream all the latest films from Sony following the release on PVOD and theatrical screens. This means that Missing will join the other latest Sony films like A Man Called Otto, Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody as well as The Woman King on the streaming service.

The film is currently playing in theaters.

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Missing 2023 Showtimes: Missing 2023 Movie Review

Missing 2023 Showtimes F.A.Q.

Is Missing 2023 Showtimes worth watching?

The imaginative approach and excitement of the narrative make the film stand out above its somewhat gimmicky, formal style, even though the film isn’t as original that created Searching an instant hit with audiences. April 23, 2023 3/5

Is Missing movie based on a true story?

Missing Isn’t Based on a True Story.
The story and the film are entirely fictional and were written and conceptualized by Sev Ohanian and Aneesh Chaganty. Ohanian as well as Chaganty created the script for Missing and the director Nick Johnson and Will Merrick created the screenplay.

What happens in Missing?

The final scene of Missing The final episode of Missing June kidnapped and taken by James and taken to their home. Grace is shackled with James and we can see Grace being held in a small, secluded shed located in the back of the house. Grace manages to knock over James as he approaches and sprints toward the house.

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