State Farm Renters Insurance Review 2024

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State Farm Renters Insurance Review 2024 : A renters insurance policy will provide protection for your possessions if they’re damaged by certain events. Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes are typically excluded, specific policies could be offered for these types of events.

Online estimates and a mobile application and a low base cost, it’s obvious that State Farm is an appealing option in renters’ insurance. With State Farm’s lower base cost, which is the lowest we could find in our research renters can affordably protect their possessions, and may even think about the possibility of a customized insurance plan for specific circumstances.

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Additional coverage options offered by State Farm to renters include the inflation protection, that adjusts your insurance limits according to inflation to ensure that the amount of insurance doesn’t decrease because inflation is increasing. Other options include personal liability insurance to safeguard your assets in the event incident and medical payment coverage for guests staying at the rental property, as well as the loss of usage.

State Farm Renters Insurance Review 2024: Coverage and Cost

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024 : With over 100 years of expertise in the insurance business and a total of $70,311,695 in premiums paid by 2021 State Farm is the biggest insurer within the United States. Today, it is an impressive financial position and offers a range of insurance products such as life insurance homeowner’s insurance, renters insurance, and homeowners insurance.

State Farm combines a nationwide team of highly knowledgeable agents along with online educational tools and affordable rates that have earned it a spot among the most reliable renters insurance providers. The Guides Home Team reviewed State Farm renters insurance in light of its coverage, price as well as cons and pros, satisfaction with customers, and many more factors to help you determine whether this is the best option for you.

Pros and Cons of State Farm Renters Insurance

Here are our top advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration prior to deciding State Farm renters insurance as your choice for a provider:

Pros -Benefits Vast Library of electronic resources No limit on personal property coverage. Nationwide network of highly experienced agent

Con -No on-line quotes available in a few states. Three options for deducting taxes.

State Farm Renters Insurance at a Glance

  • Our score:4.4 out of 5
  • Year of its creation:1922
  • J.D. Performance rating 844 of 1000
  • AM. Highest score: A +*
  • State availability: 50

State Farm Policy Coverage

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024 : Renters insurance won’t protect the siding, roof or the structure of your home which is covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. Renters insurance instead protects the policyholder and your belongings regardless of whether they’re inside your house in the event of a covered loss.

These types of coverages are covered in a basic State Farm renters insurance policy:

  • Property that is personal:Because the landlord is covered by an insurance policy to protect against damage to the building the most significant benefit of renters insurance is the protection of your personal belongings. State Farm pays up to $100,000 to repair or replace your belongings including furniture, electronics and clothes, if they are they are damaged or lost as a result of an insured loss. Vandalism, fire and smoke and theft are usually covered risks, while natural disasters like earthquakes aren’t.
  • The lossIf you have to leave your residence due to an insured loss that rendered the property uninhabitable, State Farm will pay for living expenses like food and lodging as you are waiting for repairs.
  • Haftung:The other major arm of the State Farm renters insurance policy is personal liability insurance. It protects you if you are liable for another individual’s injury or property damage. With liability insurance, State Farm may assist you with legal costs and medical costs.
  • Medical payments to other people: State Farm will take care of medical expenses to the policy’s limit in the event that a guest gets injured in your rental. Also, it applies if are found responsible for causing injury to another person, whether in your home or at a different location.
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Additional Coverage

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024 : A typical renters insurance policy might not meet your needs to the fullest extent. State Farm offers the following options to tailor your insurance coverage:

  • Identity restoration This insurance protects your from cyber-attacks as well as identity theft and fraud. It comes with a range of benefits like managing cases of identity theft and cost reimbursement and monitoring of credit, cyber attacks data recovery and much more. The annual cost is $25 and is applicable to you, your spouse, and any other dependents who are less than 21 years of age living in your home.
  • Earthquake-related damage:Most standard renters insurance policies will not cover damages caused by an earthquake which is why State Farm is no different. The good news is that State Farm offers optional earthquake coverage in addition to using relief from the state in the event of a seismic earthquake.
  • Extra business assetsSupplementing the renters’ insurance with extra business coverage can allow you to tailor the coverage you choose to suit your individual requirements for your business.
  • In addition, it covers business-related liability for accidental events.This insurance is distinct from the liability coverage that is included in the standard policy since it shields you from claims arising out of an error, act or omission while offering professional services. The cost of this coverage is contingent on the size of your company and your industry.
  • Personal umbrella for liability:Sometimes, the liability coverage you have in your standard insurance policy may be not enough if you cause injury to anyone or cause damage to their property. Although nobody expects to be a part of a significant insurance claim or lawsuit, a second liability insurance by way of an umbrella policy may provide additional assurance.

State Farm Renters Insurance Cost

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024 : Based on data we got via Quadrant Information Services State Farm renters insurance costs $11.00 per month and $132 annually in the average. State Farm offers the most affordable renters insurance among all the companies we examined, at 26% less than the average national rate.

The price you receive could be lower or higher depending on the following variables:

  • location:Your premium is highly dependent on the degree of risk you face in your region. For instance, if you are in a place that is that is prone to natural disasters or in a place that has a high rate of crime it is possible to pay a higher price for coverage. In the same way, if you reside just a few blocks from your fire department, then you could be paying less than those who live further away.
  • size:A larger home usually includes more personal possessions to guard and thus warrants an increased price. Other factors about your house, like the security systems that are in place such as sprinkler systems, fire alarms can affect the overall cost, too.
  • Construction age and age:It makes sense that an older house is more susceptible to expensive repairs than one constructed with the latest materials and methods. Thus, you’ll likely be charged more for insurance if your property is older or if the landlord hasn’t upgraded its plumbing or electrical systems.
  • Policy modification:Insurers often allow you to tailor your coverage by adding additions like flood protection, earthquake or — at a cost. The more add-ons you have, the higher your costs will be.
  • Personal details:Insurers don’t just look at your house, but the renter too. A good credit score and a clean claims history will lower your insurance premiums and, in turn, make you appear riskier to the majority of companies.
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State Farm Renters Insurance Discounts

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024 : While State Farm offers affordable renters insurance, you may be eligible for as much as three discounts that can lower your cost further. It is important to remember the availability of discounts and eligibility will vary per state.

  • Multi-policy:Like other competitors, State Farm is willing to reduce the price of auto and renters policies. Based on your location as well as the amount of coverage and other variables, State Farm claims that you can save enough to pay for your entire renters insurance cost in some instances.
  • Protection for your home alerts:Outfitting your house with protection equipment, like smoke detectors, burglar alarms, or security cameras, could help reduce the cost of an insured loss. This could also allow you for a reduction on your insurance premiums.
  • More deductibles The deductible on your policy is what you are required to pay in the event of an insured loss. The higher the amount you’re willing to pay, the lower risk the insurance company takes on, while also lowering what your monthly premiums will be. Take into consideration your individual needs to determine that perfect balance between the cost of coverage and the premium.

State Farm Renters Insurance Reviews

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024: When we looked into State Farm, we analyzed more than 100 customer reviews from third-party websites like Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot. Although State Farm is a reputable company the opinions of policyholders were largely divided. A majority of reviewers provide an overwhelming amount of positive or negative feedback about State Farm.

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024 : Looking closer at the reviews, we noticed that favorable reviews tend to focus specifically on professionalism courtesy and expertise of State Farm agents. Certain reviews also mention specific agents who have provided a positive customer service.

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024: However, unhappy customers expressed their displeasure with insufficient communications and promptness of State Farm after filing a claim. Others who were unhappy with State Farm complained about difficulty in securing payment after filing the filing of a claim.

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024: Here are some reviews of customers that we found on State Farm’s BBB and Trustpilot regarding State Farm. We tried contacting State Farm for comment on the reviews listed below but we did not receive any response.

“I rent insurance through an agent Alex Quilis from the Lawrenceville, Ga office. I’m extremely satisfied with the professionalism and service I have received .” Bobby B. via BBB

“I am extremely impressed at my experience at the Booneville location. The person who helped me, Kressa, was polite and patient. She was also very professional. She was able to answer any query I asked with ease. The policies were explained thoroughly and the fees were reasonable. Overall, I had an great experience and would definitely recommend .”

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“State Farm isn’t a great neighbor!. I was kicked out of my home and State Farm is no longer providing me with temporary accommodation. I am not in control of the construction and supply chain issues, but that’s not a problem. Hello, we’re experiencing a pandemic! I am currently searching for an alternative insurance company. DO NOT USE State Farm!!! !” –Felicia M. via BBB

“I’ve been a customer for nearly 50 years. Their customer service was the most excellent. This is no longer the case. It’s impossible to contact any human being in less than 20-30 minutes of wait time. That’s even if you manage to get the correct department and the right person at first. If you’ve been on hold for over 20 minutes, in search of help, and they’re forced to transfer you to another person expect to wait an additional 20-30 minutes. At any time of the day. It’s a credit to them that they have finally gotten rid of the ‘we’re sorry we’re experiencing higher than normal call volume’ excuse or lie. Every day is more than average waiting time. […] They were more efficient than these .” -Glenn TrustPilot

State Farm Renters Insurance Review

Compare Other Renters Insurance Providers

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024 : If you are considering a choice between State Farm to cover your apartment or rental property It’s a good idea to think about the choices. Check out the table below to find out the best renters insurance company that matches your needs.

ProviderStar RatingMonthly CostAnnual Cost
American Family Insurance4.0$14.42$173.00
Nation wide4.5$14.67$175.93

The Bottom Line: State Farm Renters Insurance

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024 : State Farm has the experience and financial stability to provide affordable renters insurance coverage across the country. Based on reviews from customers State Farm’s representatives are knowledgeable and friendly about the insurance business. Renters also have the option of customizing their insurance policies by adding five additional coverage options and three discount options.

The reality is that State Farm relies heavily on its agents’ network to reach out to policyholders. If you’re looking for the speed and ease of conducting your business via the web, State Farm may not be a good fit for you. If you’re looking for an enhanced digital experience, where talking to representatives isn’t necessary it is recommended to consider Lemonade. As opposed to State Farm, Lemonade offers an online quote and claim process.

Methodology: Our System for Ranking the Best Renters Insurance Companies

With extensive research into the industry we identified the following elements and weights to assess every company. We scored each business on a 100-point scale and after which we divided the points to determine each company’s final score using a 5-point scale.

  • Cost per page:15/100
  • Additional options for discount and discounts:20/100
  • Standard coverage17.5/100
  • State availability: 5/100
  • Support availability: 20/100
  • Connectivity: 12.5/100
  • Authority: 10/100

State Farm Renters Insurance 2024 :We utilized these elements to select the most effective renters insurance providers to help you make the right choice in evaluating policies. We regularly check and update the information on a regular basis to ensure that the reviews are based on the most current information and tips.

State Farm Renters Insurance Review
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Frequently Asked Questions About State Farm Renters Insurance

How much is the deductible on renters insurance?

Every renters insurance policy includes the deductible, which refers to the total amount that you must pay before the insurance company begins paying for any covered loss however, the amount will vary in accordance with your risk-taking capacity. State Farm offers three deductibles of $500 $1000, $2,000 and $500and higher options that lower the price of premiums, but resulting in more in the event of a covered loss occurs.

What is the cost average for renters’ insurance America?

According to information through Quadrant Information Services, the average American is expected to pay $180 annually and $15 per month in renters’ insurance.

What is the reason I should have renters insurance?

While renters insurance isn’t mandatory by law, many landlords do not accept tenants without insurance. It’s still beneficial and reasonable to have renters insurance. It will protect your possessions if they get damaged or stolen as a result of an incident covered. If your house becomes uninhabitable the insurance will cover the cost of living, including meals and lodging. Renters insurance also covers your rights if you’re responsible for damage to property or if you injure anyone

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