Vision Syndrome: જો તમે કલાકો સુધી મોબાઇલ અને લેપટોપનો ઉપયોગ કરો છો તો તમને આ બીમારી થઈ શકે છે.

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Vision Syndrome: Currently in the digital age people have to use mobiles and laptops to work. Not possible without it. Now the paper work is very less. Constantly working on a laptop or mobile can prove harmful to your eyes. The rays emanating from it are very harmful to the eyes.

Apart from other work, people spend a lot of time in mobile scrolling and social media. Even then it damages human eyes a lot. Excessive use of mobile-laptop damages people’s eyes.

It is a mobile app for health and activity of the eyesight. Eyes + Vision help you with amblyopia, cyclospasm (accommodation spasm), myopia, hyperopia, “lazy eye” syndrome, strabismus, “dry eye” syndrome, ocular strain etc. Also it helps to improve: well-being, vitality, precision, concentration, performance and stress relief.

Illness due to excessive use of mobile or laptop :-

In today’s age, mobile laptops have become a part of everyday life. Be it for work or for fun. Now people are becoming mobile addicts. Hence people are spending their time on social media even after working hours. But this is very harmful for eyes as too much use of screen can cause dryness problem in eyes and then vision syndrome problem.

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What is Vision Syndrome?

When the use of mobile-laptop increases, the eyes do not get relief. Due to which this problem can occur. In this problem, the sufferer may often experience double vision, darkness in the eyes, itching, redness, fatigue, etc.

Improve your eyesight with app features:

• 10 ready balanced variative workouts for eye training for everyday needs, for prevention and assistance in the treatment of ocular diseases.

• My workouts mode to create your personal vision trainings with any exercises and settings according to the medical recommendations for eyesight treatment or your choice.

• Access to 146 exercises for eyesight with the ability to disable any exercise that doesn’t suit you. All ocular exercises are animated and there are additional hints: graphics, voice, text and video.

• A widest range of visual exercises: to improve blood circulation, to relax ocular muscles, to relieve fatigue and tension, and enjoyable relaxation exercises!

• Convenient setting of training notifications.

• A choice of 14 nice comfortable graphical themes of interface. And, of course, large fonts and images for your convenience!

List of ready workouts:

• Amblyopia is a eyesight training for correcting a Lazy eye (for example, with strabismus). Use it as agreed with your oculist!

• Dry eye is a ocular training for everyday needs. Run it if you strain your vision for a long time (for example, when you are working at a computer) or if you have “dry eye” syndrome.

• Accommodation is a training which helps to prevent myopia and hyperopia, to cope with the cyclospasm (accommodation spasm), relax the ciliary muscles and relieve eye strain. Use it as agreed with your oculist!

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• Common QuickCommon Medium and Common Full are vision trainings for everyday needs. Use them to prevent eyesight decline. It is recommended to make a “Common Quick” workout every 2 hours during the working day. You may make “Common Medium” or “Common Full” workouts 1 time per day if it is desirable.

• Myopia relieves the spasm of accommodation, reduces the tension of the ciliary muscles and the lens of the eye, helps with the deterioration of the distance eyesight and eliminates pseudomyopia.

• Hyperopia trains the ciliary ocular muscles for prevention of presbyopia growth and helps against farsightedness and blurred near vision.

• Sharp eyesight is an vision training for everyday needs. This is a short workout to improve accuracy and concentration (for sports, work, driving, etc.)

• Anti-stress is an ocular training for everyday needs. Run it during a busy day to calm your eyes, relax or relieve stress.

If your oculist has advised you on certain vision exercises, you can use the My workouts mode to create your personal vision training or selectively run the eye exercises you need from the List of exercises.

NOTE: There are contraindications. Be sure to consult your oculist on the list of available exercises. You can disable or skip any exercise during train by tap on the “Next” icon.

If you find an error, please write to our support email: [email protected], so that we can fix it. We are very grateful to our users who help us to fix errors and bugs. We wish you health and vision clarity!

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How to avoid vision syndrome?

To avoid this problem, regular consumption of dry fruits like fruits, green vegetables, almonds, walnuts in food is good for eyes.

First of all, use of mobile laptop in the dark should be avoided. And it will be better if glasses are used while working in it. One should not look across the screen, remember to blink in between. Take a break after 20 minutes while using mobile. A useful choice in sprinkling water between works. So that dryness does not occur in the eyes and this problem can be avoided.

વિશ્વ ગુજરાત હોમ પેજ અહી ક્લિક કરો
વ્હોટસપ ગ્રુપ અહી ક્લિક કરો


Can excessive mobile use cause depression?

Yes, mobile radiation is also one of the major causes of stress and depression. It can also shrink brain cells.

Is it necessary to keep a mobile near you while sleeping at night?

No, sleeping with a mobile phone at night can put you at risk of many diseases. This has a negative effect on your head.

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