Top 15+ Highest Paying Jobs in India 2024: Check Top Paying Careers

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Highest Paying Jobs in India 2024 | Check Top High Paying Career Job with Salary and Qualification Below. India is a developing country and over the last few decades, it has shown tremendous growth in most of the sectors. That is why students or graduates who pursue education or have completed studies are looking for the highest salary jobs in India in their respective sectors. We have formulated this article to cater to that need. In this article we have listed the best high paying jobs in India 2022 in various sectors, government, private, aboard.

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Talking about the approach of job seekers and job opportunities, India has come a long way. Earlier, people use to opt only for specific job profiles to build their careers which were generally doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc. The reason was, there was a lack of technology and innovation. Now, technology and globalization have changed the scenario completely. As a result, now job seekers are not only confined to traditionally followed career options instead they search for jobs options in which they have a keen interest and have a high package.

Top 15+ Highest Paying Jobs in India 2022: Check Top Paying Careers

Job seekers are now exploring their interests as well as the various job opportunities available in the market. They are searching for job profiles with the highest salary so that they can have a stable career and future. Cyber-security experts, Data analysts, Machine Learning experts, etc. are some of the emerging professions today that are offering attractive packages.

Highest Paying Jobs in India 2024

Best paid jobs always attract people. The main element of these top-paying jobs in India is the high remuneration that employees are provided and as it is known that money has always been a top motivating factor.

Landing a job with a high salary as well as job security is a dream of most of the students in this country. But to get such jobs, they must be eligible enough, should possess required skills and before that, they must have an idea that what are the job profiles in which they will get the highest salary.

So, those who are willing to get into a profession with the highest salary but do not have enough information about the same, we are here for you.

If you are a student or a job seeker who wishes to grab the highest paying job in India but does not have an idea of it, then you are on the right page. Here we will assist you in finding top paid jobs in India that goes with your educational qualifications and interests.

So, gear up and go through the article to gather information about the current best-paid jobs in the Indian context.

So, let’s move ahead and check which are the top paid jobs in India 2023 in a general context-

Highest paying jobs in India

Civil Services

Highest Paying Jobs in India

Civil Services are one of the prestigious services in India and therefore is one of the sought career choices of Indian youth. This is the reason that lakhs of aspirants appear for civil services exams every year but only a few of them manage to grab the job. Civil services jobs are highly prestigious jobs with attractive salaries, job security, and other benefits.

If you are aspiring to be a civil servant, then you have to choose among three options viz. IFS – Indian Foreign Services, IAS – Indian Administrative Services and IPS – Indian Police Services. When we talk about the salaries of employees in these services, an IFS earns the maximum among the three.

-Qualification- Graduation in any discipline. To be a civil servant in any of the aforesaid categories, one must have a graduation degree (in any field) and have to clear Civil Services competitive exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

-Salary Range- The starting monthly salary of an IAS/IPS/IFS ranges from Rs.56,000/- to  2,50,000/- plus House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance Travel Allowance (TA) and other benefits.

Investment Banker

Top Paying Jobs in India 2022 Investment banker

Investment Bankers sound quite classy, Isn’t it? This is also a dream job for a lot of students in India who love to manage funds and finances. Investment bankers are usually known as money men. Investment job is among the top paid jobs not in India but worldwide. An investment banker is essentially a corporate financial advisor associated with a financial institution/ bank and works to raise finances/ capital for government, corporations, and other entities. Along with this, they also provide financial advice to their clients in various transactions.

– Qualification- Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and other related fields, or an MBA. Apart from the academic qualifications, they must possess all the special skills required for this profession such as verbal & communication skills, deep market knowledge, analytical skills, etc.

– Salary Range- The average salary of an investment banker in India is 9,92,681 per annum at entry-level.

Data Scientist

Highest Paying Jobs in India

Data Scientist is another top-paid profession that is in demand in India for the past few years. Career opportunities in the field of data sciences have grown exponentially over the years in India. This is mainly because India has experienced huge technological advancements and growth in these years. And for the year 2020, it was expected that India is going to see a rise of 62% in Data Science (DS) job openings.

It has emerged as a high ranking profession with a high salary over the years. A data scientist is a technical analytical expert who deals with a big amount of data to solve the challenges in the business of an organization. A data scientist is partially a scientist, mathematician, computer professional, and statistician. 

– Qualification- Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, data science, computer science, statistics. Along with this, one must have analytical skills, technical skills, computer programming skills, data visualization, etc.

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– Salary- Data Scientist entry-level salary in India is 6 to 7 lakhs per annum on average.

Commercial Pilots

Top Paying Jobs in India 2022 commercial pilot

When we are discussing the highest paid salaries how can we forget the profession of Commercial pilot? It is one of the top paid as well as glamorous jobs not only in India but across the world. This is the reason, those who wish to get into the aviation industry and have a dream of traveling across the world essentially choose commercial pilot as their career.

A pilot employed in a top airline company not just earn a handsome salary but also get other benefits and remunerations such as bonus, profit sharing, etc. A commercial pilot should not be confused with the pilots of military aviation. Commercial pilots are employed in a private airline company and have to deal in passenger airlines, international air services, Cargo planes, Air Taxi & charter operations, etc. On the other hand, military aviation pilots have to work under Indian Air Force which is a government job. 

– Qualification- To become a CP you must have passed class 12th with PCM and English. Must have completed a pilot training course. Must have CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) issued by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

-Salary- Average salary of any entry-level CP can be 1-2 lakhs per month depending on the company.

Chartered Accountants

Top Paying Jobs in India 2022

The Chartered Accountant profession is one of the demanding professions and also has huge scope in the coming future too. Although the profession of CA is not new, it has been the first and foremost career choice of most commerce students for a long time in India.

A Chartered Accountant is an accounting professional who deals in maintaining all the accounting related matters of any business/ industry such as taxation, filing of tax returns, auditing, maintaining of records of investments, preparation & organisation’s financial reports, providing business expertise to the clients, etc.

Every industry or business/ entity requires a Chartered Accountant and this is the reason this profession is in demand. To become a Chartered Accountant is not that easy in India as CA aspirants have to clear various exam levels to get the certification and these exams are quite tough. This is the reason, Chartered Accountants are offered handsome salaries.

 Qualification- CA certification from ICAI.

– Salary Range- The average salary of a CA ranges from 7 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum in India.

Medical Professionals (Doctors/Physicians/Surgeons)

Highest paid jobs in India in Medicines 2022

Being a traditional career option, the field of medicine is still one of the top paid industries in the country. Medical professionals especially Doctors, Physicians, general practitioners, and surgeons are rewarded with high compensation for their services. The main job role of Doctors is to diagnose any kind of ailment inpatient and treat them accordingly whereas a surgeon diagnoses the illness and treat it by performing surgery.

Doctor’s job is one of the jobs where it is said that this profession never faces recession. So, if you are a biology student and aspiring to join the medical field then the profession of doctor/surgeon can be a great choice for you.

Qualification- To become a Doctor/ Physician, one must have an MBBS degree with the necessary internship and practice. After completing MBBS, doctors can opt for further studies. NEET is mandatory for MBBS.

Salary Range- Average salary of a physician or a doctor in India is ₹685,778 whereas surgeons are paid pretty much higher compensation than general practitioners. The average salary of a surgeon can range from 1 lakh to 2 lakhs per month.


highest paying jobs in india scientist

A career choice as a scientist in defence research and development departments or other organizations of the Indian Governments like ONGC, DRDO, ISRO, etc. is a great choice. Those who are fascinated with science and have a keen interest in any branch of science can opt for scientists as their career. It has great scope in India as well as worldwide because every country today is thriving for cutting-edge ideas and innovation to grow and scale.

Getting a job as a scientist in Indian government organizations such as DRDO, ONGC, ISRO, BHEL, IISER, BARC, ICAR etc is the dream job of many aspiring scientists in India. The job of a scientist is a highly reputed profession and also lets you earn a huge salary package. However, it is not easy to get into this profession as one has to be highly efficient and has to clear various exams to be a scientist in a government agency.

If you are also aspiring to be a scientist and wish to work in India you can apply for various organizations/ institutions as per your qualifications. You can join any of the following institutions-
Various ministries of GoI, Research centres, Medical/Healthcare institutions, the Mining Industry, Aeronautical and space agencies, Defence, Wildlife institutions, and many more.

Qualification- To be a scientist, one must start preparing from the school level. You must have science in +12 and after that, you must get your graduation/ PG/ PhD degree in the related field of interest.

Salary Range- The average salary of a research scientist in India is 6-7 lakh per annum excluding other benefits.

Business Analyst

Highest paying Jobs in India business analyst

Nowadays, if a business or an industry wants to grow and upscale rapidly then it opts for Business Analysis. It has come out as a core business practice in most of the organisations in the country in past few years. This has ultimately raised the demand for Business Analysts in most of the business settings across the country.

A business analyst is a professional who bridges gaps between a business domain and its technology using data analytics and considering changing business needs to attain organizational sustainability and profitability. As they offer great value to the business they are paid heavily.
– Qualification-

– Salary Range- The average salary of a business analyst in India is around 6 to 7 lakhs depending upon the company.

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Note: The list of highest-paid occupation in India mentioned in this post are not in the ascending order of highest pay scales. We have compiled this information by doing deep research and looking into the current job scenario in India and salaries in different professions across the country. The salary of these job profiles may vary based on their company, policies, and other deciding factors. It may happen that in the coming times, some new job profiles may join this list. We have just tried to give you an idea about jobs which are on the top list if we talk about the highest paid professions in India.

In the above section, we discussed some of the highest paying jobs in India in 2023 irrespective of job sector and industry. This would help students and people who are wondering which field and what kind of job they should opt for and where they can earn maximum

Above we have discussed that what are the top most jobs with the highest salary in India in a general context. Now, here in this section, we are going to make it more concrete and specific for you. The world is changing and so is India. As you know that this era is of globalization, innovation, and technology.

Here we will be discussing sector-wise/ industry-wise highest paid jobs in India. Day-by-day new sectors and job opportunities are evolving. This is mainly because of changing technology, changing lifestyle of people and also growing needs of humans.

So, let’s have a look at some of the top paid occupations in various sectors given as under-

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

Highest paying Government Jobs in India

Government jobs in India are always preferred by most of the population. The main reason behind this thought is again the salary a govt employee receives at the end of each month plus the job security which is negligible in a private job

Check the given list of some of the highest paying government jobs in India in this section-

Job Average Salary Qualification
IFS 760000/- per annum excluding other benefits Graduation degree and qualifying UPSC civil services exam
IAS/IPS 672000/- per annum excluding other benefits Graduation degree and UPSC civil services exam
Defence Services (officer level) 5 lakh per annum plus other benefits Should clear NDA, CDS, AFCAT exams
RBI B grade Jobs Rs. 35,150/- the basic salary at entry level Bachelor degree
PSUs Estimated CTC 10-12 lakhs per annum (depends on PSU & designation) Bachelor Degree + GATE
DRDO, ISRO scientists 55k-60k per month at entry level Masters degree
Government Lecturer/ Professor 40k to 50k per month at entry level UGC NET

Highest Paying Jobs for Freshers

Highest paying Jobs for freshers in india

Let’s start with the highest paying jobs in India for fresher. Every year a huge number of students complete their education and starts job-hunting. There are huge job opportunities for freshers as there are for one having job experience. There is a demand for fresh minds in every sector as freshers are full of innovative ideas and enthusiasm. This is the reason, companies recruit a huge number of fresher employees every year and provide them with a handsome amount of salary.

As we can see, these days youngsters are more tech-savvy and this is the reason that they prefer to go for jobs related to technology. However, in this section, we have provided info about the top paid jobs for freshers in India irrespective of industry. So, have a look at some of the most paid jobs in India for freshers given in the table below-

Job Average Salary Qualification
Full Stack Software Developer Nearly 6 lakhs per annum B.Tech/ BE
Machine-Learning Expert 6-7 lakh per annum (entry-level) UG/ PG with AI & ML training
Block-chain Developer 4-5 lakh per annum BE/ MCA with required skills
Merchant Navy 5-6 lakh per annum (chief officer) 12th (PCM) plus required course/program
Ethical Hacker 6-7 lakh per annum Bachelor degree in the computer field

Note- Freshers here in this section are referred mainly to as graduate/PG freshers. Apart from these jobs, freshers can also consider all the jobs mentioned above in this article as those jobs are also for freshers.

Highest Paid IT Jobs

Highest paying IT Jobs in india

Those who wish to join IT sectors can check this section of highest paid IT jobs in India and get to know what are the prospects in terms of jobs in this particular field. So have a look at some of the jobs profiles mentioned in the table below-

Job Average Salary Eligibility
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer 6 lakh (starting) Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics/Computer Science/Statistics/ IT
Data warehouse architect 14-19 lakh per annum Bachelor degree in computer or related field
Technical project manager 6-7 lakh per annum (entry-level) Bachelor degree in a related field, Required certification and skills
Mobile Application Developer 4-5 lakh per annum Bachelor’s degree
Business Intelligence Analyst 5-6 lakhs per annum Bachelor’s degree in computer/ related field plus analytical skills

Highest Paid Medical Professions

Highest paying medical Jobs in india

Indian Medical and Healthcare sector give you endless job opportunities. If you wish to pursue your career in the medical sector then do have a look at the highest-paid medical jobs 2022 in India mentioned in the table shared below-

Job Average Salary Eligibility
Surgeon 10-12 lakh per annum MS (general surgery )
Doctors/ Physician 6-7 lakhs per annum MBBS
Dentists 5-6 lakh per annum BDS
Radiologic Technologist 4 lakh per annum Bachelor Degree
Anesthesiologist 11-12 lakh per annum MBBS plus MD anesthesiology

Top Paid Finance Job in India

Highest paying finance Jobs in india

The finance and accounting industry is a huge sector and thus it has a vast scope for jobs in our country. Check some of the highest paying finance jobs mentioned in this section. Hope you will get an insight into the top paid jobs in India in the current scenario through the given information-

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Job Average Salary Qualification
Chartered Accountant 7 to lakhs per annum CA certification
Corporate Finance Professionals 6-7 lakhs per annum Bachelor’s Degree in finance plus required certification
Investment Banker 9-9.5 lakh per annum Bachelor’s Degree in finance or related field
Bank Manager 7.5 lakh per annum Bachelor degree in related field plus experience
Portfolio Manager 10-11 lakh per annum MBA or equivalent with the required certification
Foreign Exchange Trader 9 lakh per annum Master’s degree in finance

Highest Paying Law Jobs in Indian

Highest paying law Jobs in india

Also, have a look at some of the highest paying law jobs in India-

Job Average Salary Qualification
Judge 13 Lakh per annum LLB Degree plus entrance exam and experience
Intellectual Property Lawyer 5-6 Lakhs per annum Bachelor’s degree in Law plus entrance exam
Trial Lawyers 4-5 Lakh annum Bachelor’s degree in Law
Law Firm Associate 4-5 Lakh per annum Bachelor’s degree in law, registered under bar council
PSU jobs 8-9 Lakh per annum Bachelor’s degree in law and Entrance exam
Corporate Lawyer 4-5 Lakh per year Bachelor’s degree in law

Highest Paying Aviation Jobs In India

Highest Paying Jobs Aviation Jobs

Aviation Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. The country has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years. It is also among the glamorous industries of the country and also provides handsome salaries to its employees. Career options in this industry are not just limited to Pilot or Air hostess. Several other aviation job profiles can make you earn a high salary package.

Check the list of some of the highest paying aviation jobs in India given as under-

Highest Paying Management Jobs

Highest Paying jobs in India Management jobs 2022

Management is a vast field and therefore this field has so many jobs options. Take a look at some of the highest paying management jobs in India given as under-

Job Average Salary Qualification
CEO Rs.3035467/- Graduation (Management)/ MBA and depends upon companies requirement
Project Manager 10 to 15 lakhs per annum Bachelor’s degree management / MBA
Marketing Manager 7,01,976/- per annum Master’s degree in mgmt/ MBA (Sales)
Financial Manager 991389/- per annum Masters degree in finance/ MBA (Finance)
Public Relation Manager 585549/- per annum Masters degree in PR/ MBA (HR/ PR)

To pursue a career in the management field, candidates can appear in various competitive exams like XAT, MAT, SNAP, ATMA etc. They can also go for various management courses after class 12th.

Highest Paying Agriculture Sector Jobs

Agriculture Sector Jobs in India

The agricultural industry is one of the biggest sectors in India as more than half of the population works in this sector. Although this sector is one of the biggest employers in this country only a few people are interested in working in the agriculture industry.

Here in this section, we have listed some of the best-paid jobs in the agriculture industry. Have a look-

Job Average Salary Qualification
Indian Forest Services (Govt. job) 10-13 lakh per annum Min. Bachelor’s degree in a related subject
Director General at Agriculture Institutes Rs.225590/- per month Graduate Degree/PHD Plus work experience
Agriculture Scientist Rs.84250/- per month Min. Bachelor’s degree in a related subject
Agriculture Officer 4-5 Lakh per annum Bachelor’s degree in a related subject
Lecturer (Agriculture Institutes) 5-6 lakh per annum NET Qualified/ PhD
Horticulture Field Officer Rs.330000 Bachelor’s Degree plus Entrance Test qualified

Highest Paying Engineering Jobs In India

highest paying engineering jobs in India

Engineering jobs are one of the most preferred career options in India for a long time as in this profession, employers are paid well. A checklist of some of the highest-paid engineering jobs in India in 2022 and beyond is given below-

Job Average Salary Min Qualification/Experience
Nuclear Engineering Rs.975915- 15 lakh per annum Bachelor degree in related field
Aerospace Engineering Rs.836782 as per annum Bachelor degree in related field
Petroleum Engineering 8 lakh to 10 lakh per annum Bachelor degree in related field
Material Engineering 7 lakh (approx.) per annum Bachelor degree in related field
Computer Science Engineering Rs.811,034 per annum B.Tech (CS) and equivalent

The basic eligibility for being an engineer in India is B.Tech Degree in a related field. These job options can be a nice answer for students who wonder what to do after Engineering.

Highest Paying Work From Home (WFH) jobs in India

The concept of work from home has gained huge momentum in the past few years and this is the reason it can be seen as the future. Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown situation across the world has made companies consider it as a long term option as most of the employees especially in IT companies are working from home. The moving focus world towards the gig economy has also scaled this trend of working from home.

In this section, we have shared the details of some of the work from home career options that can make you earn a lot than the regular job options. The best part of these career options is that you do not necessarily need high qualifications instead you must have the required skills and knowledge about the work you are being assigned.

For more information on work from jobs ideas do read- Work from Home without Investment and also check Web designing courses in India.

Bottom Line

It is good to go for the highest salary jobs in India per month but we would also suggest our readers who are planning to go for a job hunt in near future not choose a career only because of the amount of monetary benefit involved in it. This is because the salary is not the only factor that makes you happy and your career appealing. However, we don’t deny the fact that money is one of the top motivating factors but along with salary package, you should also look for job security, reputation, growth, working environment, etc. factors before planning your career path.

To have a promising career with the highest paying jobs in India, you must choose the right career path and become eligible for the chosen career and this requires a lot of hard work, determination, passion and patience too.

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You must also be ready to take the challenges and risks involved as higher the salary will be more the pressure, responsibility and workload will be and not every employee is capable of handling it. Therefore, you should be prepared to accept challenges in any kind of job. You have to work so hard to get into such jobs as there is cut-throat competition.

If you have any suggestions/feedback related to the highest paying jobs in India 2023, then tell us in the comment section below. You can also ask your query below about top high salary paying jobs in India.

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