Amazing Health benefits of Yoga And Asanas

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Amazing Health benefits of Yoga And Asanas.

Hi guys, welcome to Vishwagujarat.  To day we talk about Health and Yoga. There is lot’s of Health benefits of Yoga and Asanas. Just as blood is needed to keep the body alive, so yoga-sadhana is essential to keep the body healthy. The following things are very important for the purification of blood.

1. Breathing of fresh air into the body.
2. Regular meals.
3. The need for digestion.
4. Physical exertion
5. Yogasana.

The first four things we can easily achieve. We can consume pure air through daily circulation. Meals can also be obtained as per the requirement. Digestive power can be stabilized with movement and a little effort. Regularly doing our work for our body eliminates the need for physical labour. Now, let’s talk about Health benefits of Yoga And Asanas.

Health benefits of Yoga And Asanas

Why should I practice yoga?

Man has already been selfish. As long as it has no self-interest, no one works or tries to do it. That is why when it comes to the question of five things to achieve health, the four things a man can easily accomplish, it depends on it and the fifth thing which is a little difficult, man wants to explain a little bit that if yoga sadhana What good would it do him if he did? Which cannot be attained by any other norms. That is why analysis of Yogasadhana is necessary. Because it is through this analysis that each of us yoga sadhana can get all the information related to the aspect.

We can get information about the usefulness of yogas by dividing them into two parts.
1. Pranayama
2. Exercise

1. Pranayama

Pureblood is needed for the protection of animals and air for the growth of blood. This means that the air which purifies the blood well is called oxygen. Oxygen enters the body only with a sigh. Pran-rakshak is also called Virbhadra. That is, wherever Virbhadra reaches, all the diseases are destroyed and the body becomes strong. There is only one thing in Virbhadra to bring the ability to save a life, that is pure air. And this pure oxygen can only be obtained from pranayama. There are many types of pranayama, but the best pranayama ritual is to fill our lungs with pure air or breath.

3 sections of lungs

The lungs have three sections. It can also be divided according to its usefulness and its ribs.

1. The limbs attached to the shoulder and neck bones fall into this category.

2. From the stomach upwards the middle ribs of the shoulder fall into this category.

3. The semicircular ribs that surround the stomach fall into this section.

It has already been mentioned in the health chapter that the stomach has the position of the solar cycle i.e. the effect of the air accumulated through pranayama falls well on the solar cycle and this causes the cycle to move and the consciousness to be transmitted. The breath is first filled in the lower part, then in the second part and then in the first part. But when it comes out, it comes out first. Then from the second part and finally from the third i.e. the last part, where it was filled first.

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The most important thing about pranayama is to breathe through the nose. Breathing through the mouth destroys air and causes the disease to enter the body.

Air is the main element that keeps the body moving the most. It manages to move the body as well as the mind. That is, the mind and the senses cannot be contacted without air. Pranayama is the act of preventing air from entering the body.

The body should be kept upright. The place where you do pranayama should be sacred. Holy air should be circulating there and the following things must be kept in mind.

When you want to get Health benefits of Yoga And Asanas following Steps kept in mind.

1. Sit with body straight.
2. Sit on the soles of the feet.
3. Keep both hands close to the toes.
4. One should meditate on Brahman by removing all worries from the mind.
5. First take a deep breath through the nose and fill the air inside. Then slowly pull it out.
6. Do not breathe suddenly.
7. Trying to straighten all the senses of the body by holding the breath.
8. Do not breathe for the first few moments. Then gradually increase the time.
9. The more often you can breathe, the more likely you are to succeed.
10. The effect will be that the blood will start working not with the speed of air, but with the power of the brain and the senses will come under your full control.

The action of pranayama is the simplest and also the most complex. Its sadhana is everything. If you get into the habit of doing pranayama even once, it will not go away till death.

Pranayama is the first step in bringing the mind and body together.

Benefits of Pranayama ( Health benefits of Yoga And Asanas )

  • This makes the body healthy
  • The blood is purified.
  • Power comes to the lungs.
  • The body stays healthy.
  • Life expectancy increases.
  • Consciousness is gained and the power to work is doubled.
  • The mind becomes disordered.

It is necessary to do asanas along with pranayama because doing pranayama purifies the blood of the body, but the organs of the body can make good use of the pureblood only through asanas. Pranayama collects blood and carries energy to various organs. This is called asana.


There are different types of asanas. Asana is how the senses can work according to the desires of the mind. Asanas remove diseases of the body, give strength to the mind and make the senses efficient in their work.

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Asana is also a type of exercise. It affects all the senses of the body and also confirms the body.

There are a few things to know before starting 1 asana. Without knowing this, there is a possibility of harm instead of benefit.

These essentials are as follows – ( Health benefits of Yoga And Asanas )

(1) The mind should be clean, it should not be the case that there is anxiety in the office and you are sitting on a chair. The slightest distraction can break the neck. That is why cleanliness of the mind is essential. Asanas should be started carefully.

(2) In pranayama, only the nose is used for holding and exhaling. It almost always happens that the body has to twist a lot. If air enters the body through the mouth, it becomes difficult to twist the body.

(3) It is necessary to have a resolution in mind. Asanas should not be done just for the sake of doing. There is no benefit in doing asanas without a goal in this way and sometimes it happens that all the vitality of the body is gone without the attachment of the mind. Asanas do not happen without inspiration.

(4) The place should be clean. The air should be clean. One has to take long deep breaths while doing asanas. That is why there is a special need for pure air. So the asana should be done in a garden, riverbank or any other clean place.

(5) It is very important to do this as per the rules. It does not happen that one day we do asana at four in the morning and the next day at noon.

(6) Asana should be done on an empty stomach. Special care should be taken regarding food. Everything we eat should be nutritious.

Considering all these things, starting asanas will bring success and get rid of many diseases.

Benefits from Asanas ( Health benefits of Yoga And Asanas )

  1. The body is muscular.
  2. The body becomes flexible and supple.
  3. Stool – Achieving a natural state of urination.
  4. Digestion is refreshed.
  5. Appetite increases.
  6. Semen is protected.
  7. Protects against disease.
  8. The brain develops and becomes energetic.
  9. The brightness of the eyes increases.
  10. Lose weight
  11. Lifespan increases.

Now we want to show you the complete essence of asanas and dispel your delusion that asanas should be done only by men. People understand that women should not do asanas. But no, asanas are only for perfect human beings. This will be confirmed only by knowing the element of asanas. What is an asana? How was it invented? Why is it necessary for human beings? You will understand the answer to all this only by knowing its essence. There is no difference between males and females in health equipment. Because both human beings belong to the same class. But some asanas are more useful for men, some for women. You can know its importance only from these elements.

The element of asanas ( Health benefits of Yoga And Asanas )

It has already been stated that asanas have been created to strengthen the bodily organs and awaken new consciousness in them. Now the question arises where did it originate and how did it become famous? In resolving all these doubts, it would be fair to say that man is the supreme being in the creation of God the Father. That is why the human body is more endowed than all the creatures of the world. Certainly, no living being in the world is ever more conscious or awake than a human being. That is to say, the human body, like all other living beings, has all the strong qualities that are in a classified state in their respective places. It has little sleep like a dog, cleverness like a leopard, and inspiration like an elephant. With all this, human beings have a brain and if used properly, it is the source of their strength, intelligence and bravery.

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The birth of asanas is the result of man-made experiments from time to time. ‘Necessity is the birthplace of innovation. This is a very old and very necessary saying. That is to say, whenever there was a need for the health of the organs in the human body, we searched for it and the ritual by which the health of those organs was completed, came before us in the form of the same asana. In this way, mankind experimented in their previous life and collected asanas for physical hygiene, the number of which is 6. The human race has accumulated these 5 asanas for thousands of years.

Nature has worked very skillfully in creating the universe. He has also inspired every living being to enjoy life to the fullest through which the body made up of five elements can be healthy for a lifetime.


Take a dog for example. The dog does not have a brain. It is nature’s job to keep its limbs in control. So he does the meal. Wanders around to get their food.

It consumes the energy of his body. Because he doesn’t have a brain. Etale e Kani Ramji-Richard Nahi sakto. Because of this, the poor creature can do nothing for its health. In such a situation, it was natural that accompanied him and to keep him healthy, he put the asana in his nature.

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Whenever a dog needs renewed strength, it spreads its front two legs, puts its mouth on it, and lengthens the whole body by lengthening its hind legs. In this way its body is stretched, a new consciousness is acquired, and its organs are fully developed.

In the same way, in all the living beings in the world, nature has prescribed some or the other method for the development of their organs, so that the development of their organs as well as the emergence of a new consciousness in them. You will see that human beings have adopted that method of living beings and have named the asanas after them. It is not correct to say that there are as many asas as there are species in the world. But out of this man has used some suitable areas of his interest. As many asas as we show you on the front pages, there can be thousands of asanas. But so far no experiments have been done on it. That is why they are not kept with these asanas.

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Because the human body is rare in all the animals of the world and the characteristics of every living being exist in it. Health will be achieved only by being at the forefront of the health system of so many species. Asanas have been born based on this faecal principle and by adhering to this principle man can also invent new asanas.

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